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The flexible HR consultant for your SME and a growth partner and people expert for large organisations

You are a start-up or growing SME and are taking care of all HR topics yourself, HR is not your core business and you prefer to focus 100% on running the business, then it is time to let an HR consultant help you. 

Human Resources is a field that is constantly evolving. Even for large organisations, a true people expert can be the perfect partner to stay relevant in an ever-changing critical job market.

With Wij-S, you work with a flexible HR professional who can be deployed wherever and whenever there is a need. Wij-S can support you in all HR challenges.


For temporary projects, short-term or long-term, you can count on me to guarantee the continuity of your company.

Curious about the possibilities?

Contact us and we will look for the best solution together.


Mission, vision and values

Tackling absenteeism

Retention policy

Elaboration of correct wage policy

Review cycle​

HR-procedures and policies


Valuable reports


KPI and metrics

Strategic analysis


Create job profiles

Attractive vacancy postings

Setting up recruitment campaigns

Interviews, Screenings

Employer branding

Onboarding and welcome policy



As a business partner I am a sparring partner for your company, skilled in translating the company vision and policy to the workplace and vice versa and in implementing theoretical HR CONCEPTS in workable processes.

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