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Wij-S is a recognized service provider for the SME portfolio


Advice with the support of the Flemish Government

Wij-S is a service provider recognized by the Flemish Government and offers advice through the SME portfolio. Entrepreneurs, the self-employed and SMEs can make use of this subsidy measure to reduce the financial cost of this advice.

On the one hand, this recognition is a confirmation of the quality of our services, on the other hand, with the SME portfolio as a customer of Wij-S you can recover up to 30% of the cost price of our services.

What is the SME portfolio?

The SME portfolio is a subsidy measure that allows entrepreneurs to obtain € 7,500 in subsidies from the Flemish government each year. They can use this for training and advice. One condition is that they work together with a recognized service provider.

Subsidized services

The Flemish Government wishes to encourage the entrepreneur to obtain professional advice for services that go beyond normal business expenses and that are mainly aimed at improving the current or future functioning of the company. 

Advice in the SME portfolio is written advice provided by a registered service provider, aimed at the core processes of the company, intended to improve the operation of your company. The advices enable you to make correct and fundamentally substantiated decisions for your company.

There are 2 possible forms of advice:

  1. Written recommendations that analyze a problem, provide concrete advice, help draft an implementation plan and guide implementation.

  2. Written recommendations that identify, map and investigate opportunities and solutions.

In practical terms, we start from a concrete problem statement and we ensure that you can make decisions based on an analysis (research), advice (suggestions, advice) and an implementation plan.

Note: Advice on ordinary business expenses and legally required advice are not eligible.


The target? Moving your business forward.

Apply for a subsidy

Applying for a grant is as follows:

  • Conclusion of the service agreement between Wij-S and the client

  • Submission of a subsidy application by the client, no later than 14 days after the start of the service (we are recognized under the name Adviesbureau Kompas with recognition number DV.A239959 )

  • Payment of own contribution by the client by means of a deposit to Sodexo, within 30 days after receipt of payment request

  • The Flemish Government further supplements the portfolio with the subsidy amount

  • Customer confirms full payment via the SME portfolio website

You will find all information about the SME portfolio on the website of the agency innovating and entrepreneurship:

Contact us for an appointment to see how we can be of service to you.

Please note, in order to guarantee the quality of our service, we only accept files if we can free up sufficient time for this within our planning and in which we can add value in terms of content. Thanks in advance for your understandings.

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